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We have a passion for creating great software for endodontists
as full-spectrum software to address business, marketing, and clinical needs.

Integrity  ―  Innovation  ―  Transparency
PBS Endo® has done more to advance data management for endodontists with software specifically designed for the endodontic practice. In 1986, PBS Endo® offered the first (and then-only) software to address case and referral tracking, special insurance needs and referral letters. The ground-breaking EndoChart™ followed in 1998, once again, improving the endodontic practice.

Today, with two platforms, PBS Endo continues to provide software that combines intuitive integration of applications and features unique to the entire endodontic practice, the front desk and operatory. Superior in performance, for single or multiple locations, practice-focused with a user-friendly interface, and value packed to custom-fit into any endodontic practice, PBS Endo® remains in a class by itself.

PBS Endo has helped more endodontists realize their practice objectives. We are honored to be a significant part of the endodontic community since 1986.
We are honored to invest in endodontic research and education through the AAE Foundation, with an ongoing pledge up to $175,000.
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