Enterprise 2

PBS Endo Enterprise

PBS Endo leads in innovation with software that works for you in new and better ways.


Bringing innovation to patient care and practice management.

There is no substitute for smart technology done right.


  • Letters and E-mails
  • Encryption
  • Referral recall
  • Practice Promotion
  • Patient Registry


  • Scheduler
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Practice Analysis
  • Multi-Location


  • EndoChart
  • Health History
  • Prescriptions
  • Images and Radiography
  • Online Registration


Everyone knows, PBS Endo has an exceptional look and feel. But with PBS Endo, you can count on what you don’t see.

Great software is more than a couple of screens on a database.
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Enterprise Overview
Internal Design


  • Multi-location Practice
  • Track Referrals and Profitability by Location
    (not just by endodontist)
  • Choose to Centralize or Decentralize daily process

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